About Jeff Newman
Jeff Newman’s background is particularly well suited for whistle-blower cases. A former newspaper reporter, who investigated many major stories including the assasination of JFK for over a year, he also covered crime stories including interviewing Charles Manson in prison and then covered the intelligence community including the Chief of Counter Interlligence James Angleton. Jeff eventually went to law school and became a criminal prosecutor in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office. Once in private practice, Jeff handled many high profile complex cases to verdict including several cases of crime victims including victims of rape and murder.He also started handling whistleblower cases over 15 years ago including cases involving the big-dig.  In September of this year, Jeff settled a whistle-blower case involving fraud in billing on a military contract for the Army for $1.1 million. Last year, he won a $7 million case after a three week trial. Jeff also settled a whistle-blower case against a drug company which defrauded Medicare and which resulted in a $35 million settlement and is involved in cases filed in various Federal Courts in the country. In addition, Jeff was co-lead counsel for over 400 of the victims of clergy abuse by priests in the Boston Archdiocese resulting in an $85 million settlement. Those cases revealed what is now known to be a world-wide scandal which is still unfolding. Jeff also wrote a weekly column in The Boston Herald for several years called The Legal Adviser and then went back to school nights to obtain his Master’s Degree in Business from Suffolk University in Boston graduating in 2010. He  has created video-games involving post apocalyptic world scenarios and now writes a blog weekly about advances in technology, science and medicine.(   He is presently writing a book about whistleblowing, this time a fictional book and is developing second video-game requiring participants to use data to make decisions about the use of world resources to prevent the extinction of human-kind from famine, disease, wars and natural disasters. Jeff is also an avid fan of SteamPunk fiction.