Bradley Birkenfeld whistleblower winner of $104 million pens book on how he destroyed Swiss bank secrecy

Bradley C. Birkenfeld, the former banker at UBS, who served two and a half years in prison for conspiring with a California developer to evade United States income taxes and who was awarded a record $104 million for revealing secrets of the Swiss banking system has written a book which will be released on October 18. The name of the book is Lucifer’s Banker, The untold story of how I destroyed Swiss bank secrecy and it is being published by Greenleaf Book Group Press.

Birkenfeld, 51, divulged the schemes UBS used to encourage American citizens to dodge their taxes . This  led to an investigation that has greatly diminished Switzerland’s status as a secret haven for American tax cheats. The  Treasury to recover billions in unpaid taxes.

He holds a BS in Economics from Norwich University and an International MBA from the American Graduate School of Business in Switzerland.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers but he does not represent Mr. Birkenfeld.