Bristol-Myers Squibb pays $30 million to end kickbacks case

Bristol-Myers Squibb will pay $30 million to settle charges brought by California officials for paying kickbacks to entice doctors to prescribe several of its medicines. The case was brought by several former Bristol-Myers employees who said that from 1997-2003 the drug manufacturer engaged a number of inducements to increasse its revenue including prepaid gold outings at luxury courses; tickets for doctors and their families to Broadway shows; lavish dinners; resort hotel trips and more.

The medicines included the Pravachol cholesterol pill, the Plavix blood thinner; the Abilify antipsychotic; the Glucophage diabetes drug and the Buspar antianxiety drug.

The case was handled by the firm Waters Kraus & Paul of Dallas and Los Angeles under special California Consumer Protection laws.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.