Cambridge Analytica May Have Shutdown But The Investigations Are Mounting

Cambridge-Analytica-300x200New investigations in the UK are looking at the ex-chiefs of Cambridge Analytica. These new investigations come in the midst of a probe into misuse of personal data. While Cambridge Analytica has been shuttered, the former executives have created new entities and UK officials want a closer look.

Facebook Data

Cambridge Analytica is at the heart of the Facebook data mining investigation. There was outrage from every corner of the globe on the misuse of personal data collected by the company. Cambridge Analytica has shut down, but several of the company’s directors have joined a new company called Emerdata.

In addition to the investigation in the UK, Cambridge Analytica also faces allegations in Germany, Italy and Ireland. In those countries, data protection authorities have demanded answers pertaining to the data transfers. The data misuse scandal impacted 87 million people worldwide.

The U.K. investigation looks at Alexander Nix, former chief executive officer of Cambridge Analytica; Alexander Taylor, its former chief data officer; and others who were involved in work that Cambridge Analytica carried out for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Taylor is now director of Emerdata. Nix was the director, but his role ended in March of this year. Emerdata was created by Julian Wheatland who was chairman of the SCL Group that included Cambridge Analytica in its portfolio of companies.

New Company, New Investigation

The new company, Emerdata, will not be a legal shield for the former Cambridge Analytica chiefs. Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office released a statement saying in part they are “seeking to pursue individuals and directors, as appropriate and necessary even where companies may no longer be operating.”

Emerdata is based in Canary Wharf in London. Also associated with the company are the daughters of hedge fund operator and vocal Trump supporter, Robert Mercer. Mercer was a major financial backer for the President.

The insolvency seems to be irrelevant to the ongoing investigations because they are focusing on individual actions and not the corporate entity. The ICO says they will now scrutinize the new company as well.

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