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fake reviewsAmazon, the globally renowned e-commerce company with a net worth that reaches into a trillion, has decided to file a lawsuit against four websites that are accused of publishing fabricated and fraudulent reviews on Amazon products. These reviews would end up misleading buyers, and in turn, harm the strong representation of quality and integrity Amazon has strived to build as a leader of this market.

Filed in Seattle’s King Country Superior Court, Amazon seems to be hoping this suit will make a statement about its intention to crack down on those who participate in phony product reviews on their site. This is actually one of the first recorded efforts of Amazon acting legally against fraudulent review companies.

While simple reviews may not seem like a crime worth the effort, it is important to note that fabricated 4 and 5 star reviews will not only weaken the brand Amazon has worked so hard to create, but it will also impact honest sellers on the site who will have their quality products overlooked for items that have higher ratings thanks to these false reviews.