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Taiwan operationTaiwan law enforcement has uncovered a business operation in Taiwan that was selling counterfeit iPhone and Samsung phones to unsuspecting buyers. This potentially criminal operation has also been revealed to have ties to China as more details come to the surface.

Police in Taiwan were given a tip that a store located in the northern Taiwanese city of Taoyuan was selling second-hand phones and demo units. Demo Units are generally those used for display and are only sold at a later date for a fair discount. These units were said to be carrying the Apple and Samsung brand name and were being sold for 2,000 to 5,000 Taiwan dollars which would be 65 to 162 US dollars.

Upon arrival, the police discovered nearly 3,900 tech items while searching that if authentic could have easily reached a market value of over 10 million Taiwan dollars which would be 324,900 US dollars. Items varied from brand-name smartphones to accessories such as chargers and headphones. These items were seized by police upon discovery. Reports of this situation were made public in a daily Taiwan newspaper called the Liberty Times on January 30th, but no official date of the actual discovery was disclosed.