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The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is changing its focus to make sure companies create and implement strong regulatory compliance programs. The Department has actually hired a special lawyer whose title will be the Compliance Counsel, Hui Chen. Her job, according to the DOJ, will be to go out and to test the validity of the company’s claims about its regulatory compliance programs to make sure they are not just window dressing.

Chen was selected because of her substantial in-house compliance experience across diverse industries, including the financial, pharmaceutical and software technology sectors. Chen most recently headed Standard Chartered Bank’s global anti-bribery and corruption program. She previously served as an Assistant US Attorney in Brooklyn, New York.

The DOJ is no  longer willing to accept a company’s representations about the  strength of its compliance program.  The Compliance Counsel’s assessment is expected to influence the DOJ’s charging decisions as well as any remedial measures the DOJ may require a company to undertake, including whether to impose a compliance monitor.