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Tommie Copper Inc., was charged with false and deceptive advertising  by the Federal Trade Commission and will pay $1.35 million payment this month to settle that claim. That will not not resolve a federal class action lawsuit brought by four Tommie Copper customers  who said they were duped into buying the products for their advertised therapeutic effects but found them useless.

A federal judge this wwk issued a$86.8 million judgment against the company for claiming in infomercials and other advertising that its copper-infused compression clothing provided pain relief and other therapeutic benefits that were not proven in scientific studies. The judgment sum represents Tommie Copper’s reported gross sales in the U.S. for its compression garments from April 2011.

The company’s products include copper-infused compression sleeves, gloves, socks, braces, shirts, shorts and tights priced from $24.50 to $69.50.