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GateHouse Media data analysts say Chinese importers are misclassifying of products to the US by changing product codes to avoid the higher tariffs. In particular, the analysis reveals nearly a dozen Chinese imports — including woven fabrics, furniture mounts and lamps are being misclassified. The findings correspond with the information provided during interviews with at least 20 traders, brokers, economics researchers and former and current government officials that offer a rare peek into how easy it is for some companies to avoid Trump’s new duties.

To date, the United States has imposed additional tariffs on some $250 billion in Chinese products. China has responded with tariffs of its own, affecting some $110 billion of U.S. goods .

Every type of product shipped to the United States bears its own 10-digit classification code, known as the Harmonized Tariff Schedule code, or HTS. Dried black pepper is 0904.11.00.20, for example; dried white pepper is 0904.11.00.30.