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Company knowingly manufactured medical products in China and Malaysia for sale to the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs despite Trade Agreements Act prohibition
PHILADELPHIA – United States Attorney William M. McSwain announced that Ambu, Inc. (“Ambu”), will pay $3.3 million to resolve False Claims Act allegations that it manufactured products in China and Malaysia for sale to United States government agencies in violation of the Trade Agreements Act (“TAA”).

The settlement resolves allegations that, between December 2011 and March 2015, Ambu, a provider of medical supplies, submitted false claims to the Defense Logistics Agency (“DLA”) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (“VA”) for payment relating to Ambu’s sales of medical supplies. The Trade Agreements Act (“TAA”) requires that products sold to government agencies must come only from countries with which the United States has a trade agreement.  While many countries qualify as TAA compliant countries, China and Malaysia do not.  Ambu began manufacturing its products in these countries and selling them to government agencies in violation of the TAA.  Indeed, over 80% of Ambu’s sales to DLA and VA under these contracts were from these non-compliant countries during the years covered by the settlement.  Ambu executives certified that its products came from compliant countries despite allegedly knowing that most of the products were manufactured in non-compliant countries.