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Dr. Lisa Wollman, a former anesthesiologist at Mass. General has filed a whistleblower lawsuit alleging that surgeons at the hospital who simultaneously handled two or more surgeries defrauded the government. They did so, she alleges, by submitting bills for surgeries at times they were not in the operating rooms for critical portions of the procedures by leaving the work for unsupervised residents.

Dr. Wollman’s COMPLAINT  states that she witnessed surgeons performing simultaneous surgeries between 2010-2015. They never informed the patients they were doing more than one surgery at a time. “The procedures did not merely overlap on their margins, they were instead scheduled at or about the same time, making it impossible for the teaching physician to assure that he could be physically present and ready to participate in the key or critical parts of each surgical procedure,” the Complaint states. These included high risk procedures including total shoulder replacement, cervical, lumbar and spine surgeries.