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Air ban maker Takata will be fined $14,000 a day by the U.S. Department of Transportation if it doesn’t comply with a federal investigation of its defective and potentially fatal airbags.Those fines will increase each day that Takata doesn’t cooperate with two orders by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  requiring the manufacturer to submit information to the agency’s investigation into the defect.The NHTSA will soon begin to take depositions from Takata employees in the U.S. and Japan if the company fails to provide legally required information, according to a letter from the NHTSA’s general counsel.

The NHTSA requested documents and millions were produced but the company has repeatedly  refused to explain  the content of the mass  of documents that it has produced, despite requests. Now Uncle Sam is getting angry and will render severe sanctions for the lack of cooperation.

The defective inflator in the air bags can explode and spray passengers with shrapnel and has been linked to six deaths worldwide.