Articles Posted in U.S. sanctions against Russia and Cisco sales there

According to Buzzfeed, Cisco Systems Inc. is under scrutiny for flaunting U.S. sanctions on trading with Russia and alleges that the company purposefully changed buyer names and accounts to evade U.S. authorities scrutiny. Senator John McCain has called for a full investigation.  This means that Cisco may have been selling equipment that will end up in with Russian government agenies that US companies cannot sell to. Cisco denies the allegations.

Cisco apparently told Buzzfeed that the changes in the names of the recipients were apparently made to fix a problem with its software and that it put the wrong names on the deals at the outset. Cisco is also accused of allegedly bribing Russian officials to obtain deals in Russia. The Securities and Exchange Commission and D.O.J. are still investigating. More information is expected to be released soon on this matter.

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