Donald Trump says U.S. law against foreign bribes is horrible law

A federal law called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits U.S. companies for paying foreign officials or their families in order to obtain contracts with foreign nations.  Back in 2012, long before his current presidential campaign, Trump said laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), “should be changed.”“We’re like the policeman for the world,” Trump said. “It’s ridiculous.”

He preferred to see Mexico, China or other nations where bribes take place prosecute any cases. The United States should not be prosecuting the cases, he said.

“Now, every other country goes into these places and they do what they have to do,” Trump said in the 2012 interview. “This country is absolutely crazy. They prosecute people for going over to China and Mexico and other countries and getting business and creating jobs in this country.”

“Every other country in the world is doing it, we’re not allowed to,” Trump said. “It puts us at a huge disadvantage.”

Is Trump essentially saying that its ok for U.S. businesses to engage in bribes in foreign nations to get their business?

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.