FBI asked to help probe whether Paul Manafort received $!2.7 million in secret Kiev cash payments

According to an article in the British newspaper the Times, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been asked by detectives from the Ukrainian National anti-Corruption Bureau to help them determine whether Paul Manafort actually received $12.7 million from the pro-Russian party of Ukraine’s former president Yanukovyen. Information in a ledger was released which suggested that payments were allegedly designated for Mr. Manafort relating to his work for the pro-Russian Ukrainian President for the period ¬†2009-2012. However there is no proof yet to show he actually received the funds. ¬†Until this week, Manafort was Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

Manafort advised the former Ukrainian president and allegedly attended security briefings., according to the Times

Manafort did not apparently declare his work for the Ukrainian government or Mr. Yanukovych’s party which, according to press reports would be required by US legislation. Those laws require that anyone working on behalf of a foreign government or political party must submit a declaration of their activities to the attorney-general.

Manafort has denied accepting “off-the-books” payments.

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