Former MMA cage fighter becomes animal rights activist




Gordon Shell, a retired professional cage fighter and now owner of a fighters gym in the Detroit area has now become a well known animal activist who is also adopting rescue dogs and volunteering at shelters. In addition, he now competes at charity bouts to raise funds for rescue organizations and humane societies. Shell also helped establish a toll-free hotline where people receive cash payments for tips about animal abuse leading to criminal convictions.

Now, Shell teamed up with a veterinarian and an animal behavior expert to renovate and improve conditions at animal shelters that do not comply with municipal building codes.

Shell said he started adopting rescue dogs and volunteering at shelters when he was an MMA fighter, which him to compete in charity bouts to raise money for rescue organizations and humane societies.Being bullied as a child inspired Gordon Shell’s dual passions for mixed martial arts and humane treatment of animals.

 Shell, trains and sponsors MMA fighters at a gym he owns in the Detroit area.

“When you got done being bullied in the neighborhood, you could come home and your dog was always there for you,” said Shell.