Jury says Ernst & Young liable for millions lost from Madoff ponzi scheme

A  state court jury found Ernst & Young liable for millions of dollars in losses a Washington investment firm took from the collapse of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

The jury said Ernst  was negligent in its work as auditor for a feeder fund that pooled investors’ cash directing it to  Madoff’s . FutureSelect claimed that Ernst & Young, as auditor, supplied false information that FutureSelect Portfolio Management Inc. relied on to invest with the feeder fund.

FutureSelect,  invested approximately $200 million in a feeder fund that sent its money to Madoff, whose 2008 arrest revealed a  Ponzi scheme in which investors lost more than $17 billion. In 2010, FutureSelect sued Ernst & Young, accusing it of negligence and seeking to recover its losses.




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