Prominent Harvard and MIT trained plastic surgeon alleged to engage in billing fraud

A prominent Harvard and MIT plastic surgeon from New York, Dr. Joseph Pober A Park us accused by the state of false billing practices. In a separate legal action, Cigna Insurance alleges that Pober “unlawfully” got $393,715 in reimbursements from the insurance company from October 2011 to March 2014, court papers allege. The company contends Pober submitted the most claims in the country in 2013 for a type of skin- grafting procedure. Cigna also claims that most of the payments made to Pober were for treatments the doctor allegedly did on his own staff, court papers say. The charges were leveled in a countersuit Cigna filed against Pober in September 2017 after the doctor sued the insurer for reimbursement denials. The case is still pending.