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CBS News will air a segment featuring biofuels fraud whistleblower, Alex Chepurko on August 31 at 9 pm EST 8 Central on its  Whistleblower Program. It overviews Chepurko’s  blowing the whistle on a nationwide biofuels scam.

While working for Caravan, Chepurko a nationwide scam as the company was selling finished biodiesel to another company that pretended it made biodiesel and then applied for the government incentives and tax breaks for making green energy products. Chepurko’s disclosures resulted in several individuals going to jail and the United States recouping millions of dollars for taxpayers from Caravan, and others involved in the scam, to resolve claims of fraud brought by Chepurko and pursued by Colapinto.

Chepurko is represented by the qui tam whistleblower firm of Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, LLP Chepurko went up against Caravan Trading, a New Jersey-based company that made $50 million a year buying and selling the raw materials for making biofuel.  Biofuel is a type of diesel derived from products like soybean, corn and recycled cooking oil.