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Common NetworkCommon Network, a startup tech company, is hoping to become a part of the next generation of wireless technology with its plan to combine 5G with technology open-sourced by Facebook. Another way Common Networks hopes to rise above in the battle for 5G is by relying on parts of the wireless spectrum that can be used without a license from the Federal Communications Commission. They also use inexpensive, commodity hardware. Common Networks does not strive to start out as the most flashy and expensive company but instead work towards innovation while keeping things affordable and easy to expand.

For $50 a month people in the city of Alameda, San Francisco have been granted access to 5G, millimeter wave, technology that delivers speeds of 1 gigabit per second. This speed matches Google Fiber’s broadband service and is not completely uncommon as a company Google Fiber obtained named Webpass offers gigabit wireless in several cities. That being said, Common Networks believes they can improve upon this by finding a way to more quickly and more affordably build 5G networks and expand beyond their competition.

Based in San Francisco, Common Networks is using 5G to offer home broadband, not mobile, in order to stay on par with big brand internet provides such as Comcast and AT&T. They revealed that their Millimeter wave service in Alameda relies on hardware designed by Facebook called Terragraph. Terragraph is open sourced by Facebook as a part of the Telecom Infrastructure Project. While Facebook has been connecting with other carries from across the globe in hopes of getting a clear analysis on Terragraph, Common Networks is one of the first to utilize it as a way to deliver internet connectivity to U.S. customers.

Cambridge-Analytica-300x200New investigations in the UK are looking at the ex-chiefs of Cambridge Analytica. These new investigations come in the midst of a probe into misuse of personal data. While Cambridge Analytica has been shuttered, the former executives have created new entities and UK officials want a closer look.

Facebook Data

Cambridge Analytica is at the heart of the Facebook data mining investigation. There was outrage from every corner of the globe on the misuse of personal data collected by the company. Cambridge Analytica has shut down, but several of the company’s directors have joined a new company called Emerdata.