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Kobe SteelKobe Steel Admits to Falsifying Data in Another Blow to Japanese Businesses

Kobe, in Japan, is most well-known internationally for its luxury beef industry.  But now the name of the port city may be marred in scandal.  The Economist reports that Kobe Steel has admitted to falsifying data regarding its aluminum, copper and steel products.  Kobe Steel is one of the oldest industrial firms in all of Japan and 3 days after the bombshell admission its stock had fallen by $1.6 billion.

The False Data

A very common corporate scheme to save taxes and avoid having to pay benefits is when companies classify employees as independent contractors and issue a 1099. This is tax fraud clear and simple and has opened up a potential for whistleblowers with specific information about their company misclassifying full time employees as independent contractors to reveal that tax fraud and receive a large reward for doing so. The tax liability must exceed $2 million dollars and the proof available must be substantial and easy to follow. In addition, the matter must be reported in the right way and not revealed to the media or others. Executives, inside accountants or senior managers should also be aware that the government is now investigating these issues and it is better to report the matter than be the subject of a criminal investigation.


If a person is on an employer’s payroll and receives a steady paycheck, the person is likely an employee. If a person supplies their own tools, equipment and material and the worker controls their own hours they are generally considered independent contractors. The employer’s tax liability is determined by the worker’s employment status. With employees, employers must pay state and federal unemployment tax, social security tax and workers compensation tax. When a person is an independent contractor, the hiring company is not required to make any such payments.