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cancer-research-300x199At the MD Anderson Cancer Center, a number of senior researchers were found violating the rules of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Three researchers have already been terminated for disclosing confidential information and withholding information involving their foreign connections.

This case was part of an effort the NIH launched in order to address the U.S. government’s concern in foreign nations attempting to gain insight into intellectual property and take unfair advantage of federally funded research. This investigation has promoted over 55 institution investigations, but the MD Anderson case was the first to have led to inquires serious enough to evoke termination. While three of the scientists at MD Anderson were terminated, one is still under investigation, and a fifth is free of termination.

MD Anderson Cancer Center was given $148 million in NIH funding in the year 2018 in order to support their research. The center must adhere to all NIH rules in order to maintain funding.