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1-1-300x198Upcoding In The ER Could Be Stealing U.S. Tax Dollars

It’s an old and shady practice that has been in the forefront of Medicare and Medicaid fraud for years. Upcoding can hit taxpayers hard and drive emergency room bills to the thousands.

What is Upcoding?

healthcare-fraud-300x180Wyoming Psychologist Will Serve Prison Time for Health Care Fraud

A Wyoming Psychologist has admitted he committed health care fraud by falsely filing Medicaid claims. Gibson Buckley Condie, 57, of Powell, Wyoming has been sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to approximately $2.28 million in restitution, according to

The Scheme

hep-300x200It Will Now be Easier for Medicaid Patients to Get Treatment for Hepatitis C in Colorado

Controversial Medicaid restrictions are being pulled back in Colorado. Now, patients seeking treatment for Hepatitis C will no longer have to be in an advanced state of liver failure to have access to certain drugs and procedures. The move comes after a lawsuit called into question the state’s practice of only providing meds to the sickest of patients.

Lawsuits Filed