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IMG_0197-300x200Large agricultural nations, including the EU, China, and Brazil, are becoming more and more inclined to ban pesticides that pose a threat to humans and the environment, while the US maintains approval for many of the same products.

A new report published on BMC identified 500 pesticides and analyzed their approval status across the largest agricultural nations. The study found that several of the pesticides approved for use in the United States are currently banned or in the process of being banned by the EU, China, and Brazil.

The report notes that in 2016 alone, the United States used 322 million pounds of pesticides that have been banned in the EU, 26 million pounds of pesticides banned in Brazil, and 40 million pounds of pesticides banned in China. Across all agricultural nations, the EU takes the lead in the number of pesticides that have been banned, meanwhile the United States offers the worst performance in terms of pesticide regulation.