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pill ingredients Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invested their time and effort into researching the pills patients commonly take. Their findings show that the majority of orally-taken pills may be detrimental to a patient’s health due to certain inactive ingredients.

The research shows that the team discovered a vast majority of common medications prescribed in the United States contain at least one ingredient that could lead to adverse health effects. Such ingredients include lactose, peanut oil, gluten, and chemical dyes, which have been found in 90 percent of all oral medications tested. These are clearly all high-risk items when it comes to allergic reactions and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The inspiration for this mission came from a real-life incident involving a patient with celiac disease. This patient was prescribed a pill that contained gluten which caused adverse effects.

pharmacy-fraud-300x199The pharmaceutical industry in Pasadena is much like the rest of the United States. There are certainly an influx of individuals who receive Medicare using these services for particular ailments and diseases that accompany being older than 65 years old. However, a local Pasadena pharmacy, Akhtamar Pharmacy, was abusing the Medicare funds provided for those particular individuals. Although the pharmacy owner did not act alone, she was able to steal $1.3 million dollars from the Medicare system.

Pasadena Pharmacy Owner Convicted for Medicare Fraud

Although the pharmaceutical industry is driven by a purpose to help those who need medication, it can also be a place for fraudulent acts to occur. With so much paperwork to be completed, many individuals find themselves taking advantage of the system by falsifying numbers or providing inaccurate invoices. Unfortunately, this was the case in a Pasadena pharmacy. A 39-year-old pharmacy owner, Tamar Tatarian, was convicted on one count of healthcare fraud and two counts of wire fraud at Akhtamar Pharmacy in Pasadena. It is believed that she committed the fraudulent acts which amounted to $1.3 million dollars in total.