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Yesterday I wrote about the CEO of a clothing company who has been charged criminally by the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York for falsely stating the value of children’s clothing imported from China, to evade U.S. customs tariffs. A quick review of recent criminal and civil cases reveals that the Department of Justice is now pursuing cases involving customs tariff fraud particularly as so many goods are imported from China and so many companies are creating ways of evading the tariffs placed on those goods. The issue has become even more prominent since tariffs have been hiked recently. Here are some other cases:

  • The Virginia based home furnishing company Bassett Mirro Company paid the U.S. $10.5 million to settle allegations that it knowingly made statements on customs declarations to avoid paying duties. This involved bedroom furniture that the company imported from China.
  • Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co Ltd paid $45 million to settle charges of tariff evasion by knowingly misrepresenting the country of origin for a particular colorant product. Toyo said it was made in Japan and Mexico when it was actually imported from China.