Now here’s a headline I never thought we’d see. South Boston kingpin mobster James “Whitey” Bulger was nabbed last night in his luxurious southern California abode, where he was living large with his mol Catherine Greig. On the lamb for 16 years, eluding a worldwide manhunt, the evasive toughguy had plenty of cash and iron in his pad when snagged, but decided to answer the door free handed to meet his maker without even a brawl. Now in solitary lockup, its unlikely that Bulger, wanted for 16 murders, will ever see the light of day, save for his trial which will be broadcast worldwide and covered by Court TV. Bulger’s brother Billy, former president of the state senate in the great state of Massachusetts had alot to say: “No comment”. The feds followed a tip from one of their TV spot which just began airing this week. Bulger’s pal Greig was having her hair done up at a salon in Fountain Valley. Given up for a wash and a blow dry.  figures. Revealed as one of the biggest FBI snitches of all time, Bulger is considered to have a bucketload of enemies gunning for him. Will Howie Carr seek to re-negotiate his contract today? I betya he does.